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Bad Camo

2012 May 12
Posted by Shyntae

or not? Either way, I have been watching way too many B-action flicks to be able to resist to make a camo tat, and here it is.

Available now at ZombiePopcorn

Comes in 4 different versions, and yes, you can chose to just wear the head or body part separately.

Goth Fair is starting in a few days and I have 3 new releases for that..Ive been sneaking around, and that is one event you do not wanna miss, but I’ll wait with posting those releases till you can actually buy them.

New makeups

2012 May 5
Posted by Shyntae

In preparing for the upcoming Goth Fair, I may have gotten caught up with doing a few normal makeups too, and here they are.

First up is a cute lipgloss in 10 different colours.

There is a demo available for the lipgloss, so please try that on first as I know lips differ from skin to skin. I was however trying my best to make sure these fit on wide range of skins, but please, demo to make sure.

Next up is some quite simple yet stunning eye-shadows in 8 different colours.

And since I totally forgot to mention it before, Set 8 is now available in the Mainstore at it’s regular price. Stay tuned for the next release I will have for the ZombiePopcorn Brand.

These are all now available in the Mainstore, and will be added to my marketplace store later today.

Im still here

2012 March 20
Posted by Shyntae

It just seems I am a very bad blogger when it comes to my store >.>

Buut, since I havent blogged here in a while it does at least mean I have some new things to show.

First up is Fade

Which is both a body and face tattoo. 3 different face options included in this.

Then I decided to add to the Crying collection.

And lastly this set, which previously was only found at ZombiePopcorn Brand, but is now also available in the mainstore.

Keep your eyes peeled on my blog or flickr for new releases, as another round of the ZombiePopcorn Brand is coming up, and I will be having a brand new release for it.

As always, my items can be found at my Mainstore and on the Marketplace

Mystic Faery

2011 December 28
Posted by Shyntae

It is now finally available on the marketplace, here Mystic Faerys

I have been crazy busy with all the blogging and other things that takes up so much time in both SL and RL, but the good news is I will be taking part in the ZombiePopcorn Brand, a new wave starts on the 8:th, so expect something new and fabolous from me ;)

The zombies are coming

2011 October 19
Posted by Shyntae

noming on your brains.

Thats right, the ZombiePopcorn Hunt is on again and Im taking part in it, so dont forget to pop by the store and find my gift for you.

I also have some new releases in store today.

Now available at both my mainstore and on marketplace


2011 September 24
Posted by Shyntae

The hunt is on. Actually, it has been on since the 15:th, but Im finally getting around to blogging again.

From me you will be getting this new make up, and I put in the scar as a lil bonus. Happy hunting.

Two new releases

2011 August 24
Posted by Shyntae

Omgah, I know, they are all girly and stuff..with colours. No need to panic, I’ll be back to the dark and scary soon enough :p

Find them in-world at the Pin Me Down Mainstore

These will also be available on the Marketplace as soon as Ive updated the listings-